Gardening & Horticultural Services


Specialising in Residential & Residential Strata

Regularly Scheduled Services

Seasonal Programs & Reporting

Dominic brings over 12 years experience to his role as a horticulturalist and supervisor. He has assembled a well trained and hard-working crew to assist him in maintaining a growing list of properties and gardens, all of which we remain very proud of.

Dominic and the crew combine a hard work ethic with an acute eye for detail to provide a knowledgeable, efficient and reliable service.

Specific Horticultural Services

  • Hedging & Shaping
  • Pruning & Trimming
  • Weed Control
  • De-leafing & De-thatching
  • Pest & Disease Control
  • Roses & Other Ornaments
  • Fertilizing (Lawns & Gardens)
  • Top Soiling & Mulching
  • Irrigation System Checks
  • Pond & Water Feature Maintenance
  • Lawn & Plant Repair

One-off Gardening & Horticultural hits are also available.

Contact Dominic to discuss your horticultural requirements and maximise the aesthetic beauty of your garden and surrounds.

Dominic Thrum: 0404 889 691 /

A regular Gardening & Horticultural service is easily coordinated with our Lawn Mowing & General Maintenance service to provide regular and comprehensive care for your Landscape & Garden.

Why not combine all the needs of your Landscape & Garden into one arrangement with our team?





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