Monthly Archives: August 2011

  • warm and wet winter means big spring

    Spring is here…which means it will be outdoor leisure and entertaining season in no time. We have had a relatively warm Winter and the two or three weeks of heavy rain toward the end has made this Spring an exciting propect. As we say here at BlueCattleGroup…NATURE REWARDS NURTURE…so it’s...
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  • Repotting

    It is vitally important that you do this at the start of spring. Plants that are getting too big for their containers need to be upsized, as 90% of their growth occurs during the spring months! You must re-plant any plants that have been in a container for two or...
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  • Make composting work for your garden

    Compost is one the best things the organic gardener can get their hands on. It nourishes plants, giving them many micronutrients and trace elements not found in mostĀ organic fertilisers. Plus it also helps protect your plants from diseases. And the best part about compost is you can make it yourself....
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